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Short-term amortisation – moistening screw from Zuther

3d graphic of a moistening screw to wetting grain, by manufacturer Zuther

Auger for moistening grain

Storing and removing grain with the right moisture is not easy, but it is absolutely necessary. If the grain has too much moisture during storage, there is a risk of mould and fungal attack. In addition to controlled storage, it must also be ensured that the moisture sold is guaranteed during loading – just as the customer bought it. Furthermore, the operator avoids economic disadvantages due to different degrees of humidity.

Use of Zuther wetting screw

The Zuther moistening screw offers the economic possibility to moisten the dry grain before loading. This special screw conveyor is equipped with high-quality and durable drive components. Due to a solid and proven construction, we achieve a high reliability and guarantee a high product throughput.

Automatic network control for automatic moistening of grain, consisting of moisture measuring section, incl. moisture and flow rate sensor, for use in accordance with ATEX guidelines in zone 22, control via central PLC or separate PLC.

Short-term return on investment 

The investment pays for itself after a short time and can be reliably calculated. With an average moistening of approx. 1-2 % you will already achieve the ROI after a couple of months. Due to the high-quality technology, we achieve high mileages and thus grant economic advantages for our customers.

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