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Our own Zuther app for our employees

Zuther gets its own employee app

Internal communication in production companies is a major challenge. Around 75% of Zuther’s staff work in production or on assembly and therefore do not have a PC workstation. So how does an employer manage to provide all employees, from production to the offices, with the necessary information and news?

Zuther has also thought about this issue and introduced its very own employee app, which significantly improves internal communication. In times when everyone has a smartphone, this was exactly the right decision. The feedback from the staff is clear – the app offers a huge added value and is a valuable support in daily work. It is easy to use, fun and enables personal exchange, even at a distance. Incidentally, it can also be used as a web version. Within a few days of the launch, more than 3/4 of the staff had already registered. Even the older part of our staff uses the app because it is user-friendly and simple.

What can our employee app do?

With one click, news and updates about the Zuther world are quickly distributed to everyone, so that every employee has the same level of information – no matter which department he or she is in. The staff have their own pinboard, which is used, for example, to share holiday photos, funny anecdotes from everyday working life and sales and want ads with colleagues. Our fitters use the platform to share photos from the installation. So everyone can see our products on site. We post our vacancies online in the app so that they can be shared by our staff outside the app. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, this is another advantage!

All important dates, such as events or company holidays, can now be easily communicated to the entire workforce. For events, we can easily view a list of participants, as we have built in an add and cancel function. This eliminates the need for annoying lists that have to be posted. We can now also store training documents in one place so that everyone can quickly check if something is unclear. And what we are particularly looking forward to: After events and special occasions, we can share photos and videos to share with the whole staff. Just recently, we participated in a local company tournament and kept the staff updated during the tournament in this way.

The app has been a huge success! We are happy that it is so well received and used on a daily basis. Because as everyone knows: communication is key.