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Intake pitssuitable for various bulk materials

Hygiene optimized
Dust reduction

Grain and bulk material collection

Our modular construction system allows for high flexibility in bulk solids collection.

The Zuther receiving technology is used in a wide range of industries and offers a reliable way to receive your bulk solids.

The planning and construction of intake pits is one of Zuther’s main business areas. Systems with a capacity of up to 800 t/h have long been the rule and even higher capacities pose no problems. In this regard our receiving pits are designed in such a manner that semi-trailers as well as dump trucks have no problems dumping.

Based on practical and long-time experience, Zuther has completely modified and reworked the entire receiving technology for bulk solids collection. As a result, we can offer our customers a highly efficient design, which sets new standards, especially when it comes to freedom of residues.

We offer our customers a wide range of additional optional equipment, such as dust barriers, automatically operable receiving covers, filler walls, or a modern receiving dedusting unit.

You can rely on our receiving technology even in the tightly scheduled daily business.

Features of Zuther bulk handling systems

  • Up to 800 t/h intake capacity at 0.75 t/m³
  • Modular construction system
  • Modified grates allow freedom from residues
  • Drive-over solution, wheel pressure up to 10t
  • Applicable for many different bulk solids
  • Optionally with dust barriers or admission dedusting unit
  • Discharge conveyor does not require additional depth
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