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Weighing technologyfor bulk material

Grain weigher for bulk plants

Based on our many years of experience in grain management, we are also happy to advise you in the area of weighing technology. Controlling is not only required when grain is put into storage, but also when it is loaded.

Impact-free weighing method

While a weigh bridge is used when placing in storage, flow-through weighers are usually preferred for removal from storage. Accurate controlling enables the plant operator to report precisely on losses incurred through cleaning or drying.

Adapted variants are available for use under special conditions, e.g. with abrasive material, in potentially explosive environments or at bulk material temperatures over 100°C. The weighers can also be used as part of a dosing system.

Features of weighing technology by Zuther

  • Collision-free measurement procedure
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Large capacities up to 1000 t/h
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