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Hinged boxesReliably sets the course

Shaft scanning

Folding boxes for bulk material plants

For decades, hinged boxes from Zuther have enjoyed an excellent reputation with plant operators from diverse industries. The main reason for this is the virtually indestructible construction, which reliably performs its task under the most difficult conditions. The flexibility offered by the modular Zuther pipe system is something you will look for in vain elsewhere.

Direct scanning of the changeover flap

Our specially developed plunger switches provide direct scanning of the changeover flap. This excludes the possibility of mixing due to false alarms.

Hardly any head loss – the Zuther folding boxes

The hingex boxes are equipped with flange connections, for which we offer standardized transition and connection pieces. The geometry of the distributor is designed to ensure that there is hardly any head loss, even when several distributors are lined up next to each other. Thus maximum flexibility remains for pipe components.

Features of Zuther folding boxes

  • Direct flap position scan
  • Flexible and economical due to modular system
  • Replaceable wear-resistant liner
  • Inspection/maintenance opening
  • Structural shape can also be changed retroactively
  • 4 different drive concepts
  • Can also be used as flow divider
  • No head loss in the pipeline
  • Variants in compliance with ATEX directives are available
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