Flat storage warehouses

  • Large storage volumes even with difficult floors
  • Adapted solutions for a variety of difficult bulk solids
  • Automatic filling and emptying  
  • Complete planning   
  • Turnkey delivery
Flat storage warehouses are cost-effective alternatives to silo systems. They can also be implemented where the load-bearing capacity of the substrate does not permit silo cells or where locally applicable construction regulations impose limits on the maximum building height. Also existing suitable buildings can usually be converted to flat storage warehouses without great expense.

Zuther has a wealth of experience in the complete planning and construction of storage facilities and can support you in the implementation of your ideas right from the start. For flat storage warehouses, in particular, the savings potential is enormous, when filling and emptying are realized with an intelligent, automated solution. This is the only way to avoid squandering storage space due to point filling and non-distributed filling, or to avoid excessive personnel effort when emptying.

With conveyor systems from Zuther you equip your flat storage warehouse with state-of-the-art technology. Our fully automated hall charging not only utilizes the entire surface, but also the entire volume of the storage facility. Thus squandering space due to high material cones is a thing of the past. A selection of concepts with conveyor belts, chain scraper conveyors (Skrappers), or hall distribution screw conveyors are available A combination of the above is always optimally adapted to your requirements.
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