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Too dry? Not with our moistening screw!

3d graphic of a moistening screw to wetting grain, by manufacturer Zuther

too dry ?

Tonnen / Stunde

This year’s enormous heat wave is causing major problems for the German cereal industry. The drought that has persisted since April has resulted in major crop losses. Defy the temperatures and prepare your grain with our moistening screw.
Our screw, proven over many years, prepares up to 100 t/h of grain, with sophisticated, electronic wetting control, moisture and flow measurement. Let us convince you of our optimal price-performance ratio and inquire.

We are always at your side to advise and act – for your success.

Zuther Benetzungsschnecke - gefertigt aus Edelstahl. Für Benetzungsanlage zur Befeuchtung von Getreide.
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