Distribution made easy

  •  Direct flap position scan
  •  Flexible and effective through modular system design
  •  Robust construction
  •  Replaceable wear parts
  •  Inspection/maintenance opening
  •  Many different transition modules
  •  Structural shape can also be changed retroactively
  •  4 different drive concepts
  •  Can also be used as flow dividers
  •  No head loss in the pipeline
  •  Short delivery times
  •  Optionally with wear-resistant liner
  •  Variants in compliance with ATEX directives are available
For decades, distributors from Zuther have enjoyed an excellent reputation with plant operators from diverse industries. The virtually indestructible construction, which without complaint reliably performs its task even under the most difficult conditions, is responsible in this regard.

In addition, the standardized modular system offers an unrivaled level of flexibility. The structural shape can even be changed retroactively by replacing modules. Optionally the entire distributor, including flap can be fitted with a wear-resistant liner. Regardless of the above the flap can be replaced. Thus if there is heavy wear, it is not necessary to replace the entire distributor – a genuine added value.

The customer can select from four different drive concepts: manual, per rope, pneumatic, and electrical. If equipped with an electric linear motor the distributor can be easily converted to a precisely adjustable flow divider.

The geometry of the distributor is optimized so that it does not have a disadvantageous effect on the incline of a pipeline. Even if distributors are set up in a row next to each other there is no head loss. Thus maximum flexibility remains for pipe components.
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