Temperature monitoring

Intuitive user guidance
up to 256 separate silo cells can be monitored  
With ATEX approval

In addition to moisture, temperature is another of the most important parameters that are crucial for the quality of the stored grain. Thus constant monitoring is absolutely necessary if you want to ensure uniform quality of the goods placed in storage.

Zuther uses temperature measurement suspension elements that are adapted in length and quantity depending on the size of the storage cells. They essentially consist of a cable that is suspended directly in the grain. There are multiple measuring points for each cable; they are at different heights in the grain buffer area. For higher storage cells, longer measuring suspension elements with additional measuring points are used.
As the surface area of the storage cell increases, the number of measuring suspension elements also increases. The suspended elements are distributed over the entire surface area of the storage cell. Thus in its entirety an extremely precise, spatial zone is produced for measuring the temperature in the grain.

Only through such seamless inspection measures can undesired deviations from the optimal storage conditions be detected in good time, so that counter-measures can be initiated.
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