Weighing technology

  •  Collision free measurement procedures
  •  Easy integration in existing systems
  •  For capacities up to 1000 t/h the weigher does not become the bottleneck of the system

Where ownership of grain is transferred, there must also be a possibility of weighing the goods, since billing occurs via the weight. Prior to placing in storage this usually occurs via a weigh bridge where the difference between the full and empty vehicle is calculated. Usually for removal from storage, a flow-through weigher integrated in the conveyor path is preferred. In addition, this enables the plant operator to precisely quantify the mass losses incurred through drying and cleaning.

For this purpose Zuther offers weighers that work in accordance with the deflection chute principle. Compared with other technologies these are low-wear and thus offer a longer service life. In addition, they do not need their own drive, as is the case with Coriolis weighers, and consequently they can also be easily integrated in existing plants. The weighing data is extremely precise regardless of the bulk solids.

Adapted variants are available for use under special conditions, e.g. with abrasive material, in potentially explosive environments or at bulk material temperatures over 100°C. The weighers can also be used as part of a dosing system.
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