Trunk sampler

Samples in accordance with standards in no time at all

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Only representative samples
  • Robust electric drives
  • Automatic transfer of the sample to the evaluation office
  • Easy operation
Today samplers for trucks that work in accordance with the lance insertion principle are indispensable for modern goods receiving. They constitute the fastest and easiest method for taking a correct sample from an open vehicle. For instance, the sample can be taken when the vehicle is at a standstill on a weigh bridge. The boom with withdrawal pipe can be moved in all directions (remote control via video monitoring over long distances).

When the insertion lance has been lowered into the grain, the sample to be taken is pressed into the inner pipe chamber. Here it is captured by an air flow and transported through a hose to a collection container. In this regard it is ensured that the sample is not falsified due to additionally suctioned lightweight material.

The samplers marketed by Zuther are characterized by easy operation, robust construction, minimal maintenance requirements, and flexible installation possibilities; they offer an optimal solution in every case.