Planning and Construction of Intake Warehouses, Scource: Mühle+Mischfutter. 9. edition 12. May 2016

Planning and Construction of Intake Warehouses

Scource: Mühle+Mischfutter. 9. edition 12. May 2016

Zuther GmbH located at Karwitz/Dannenbeg is an expert for bulk goods handling.

The combination of a skilled team, modern production technology and the experience gained over a period of almost 100 years enables us to deliver turnkey silo systems and transshipment facilities for various bulk goods. The technique has proven reliable at sites all over the world, every day, even under the most challenging conditions.

All from one hand – this is our claim. Whether silo systems for cereals, granules or other bulk goods, every facility is realized according to the requirements of our customers and handed over on a turnkey basis. Also in case of plans not yet existing, our company will assist in a consulting manner and provide the necessary know how.

Planning and construction of intake warehouses is one of our main business areas.

Facilities with a capacity of up to 500 t/h are already standard for us and even higher

capacity requirements are no problem for us.

Grain warehouses have been progressively centralized until today, thus causing a higher demand in performance of the conveyor technique. Handling of the discharge peaks which occur during the harvest season a sophisticated conveyor technique is required, from intake point until silo or flat storage. An important issue is the parallel realization of the work steps. Also at Zuther, the ability to multi-task is a must. In daily work this means a considerable gain in efficiency for our customers, which already during the process of conception special attention is paid to. Of course this is based on the proven conveyor technique from Zuther.

Most recently the product range of intake pits has been revised in total, considering the experience collected in practice. Result of this effort is a highly efficient construction which sets new standards with regard to residues. Filler walls

and exhaust systems are available as customized options. A main aspect with grain

intake is the compatibility of the input pit with different vehicles. Our intake pits are designed to allow discharge of both articulated trucks, dumpers and railway carriages.

Also we like to mention the transport by ship. Despite of the high road and rail transport volume the inland shipping ranks third among the transport modes in freight traffic. Reason for this is last but not least the low energy consumption related to the

transport quanity. E.g. by means of a silo expansion realized by Zuther and the ship loading devices integrated in the facilities, the companies located at the Elbe side channel could considerably increase their turnaround summaries.
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