Sample cleaner SLN

Cleaning and sorting for determination of quality

  • Can be used for all grain types (even for rape, corn, and beans) 
  • Cleaning results are comparable to those offered by large machines
  • Automatic sorting screen dedusting
  • Easy screen change
The SLN series sample cleaners perform the other-seed determination and thickness screening of previously collected samples. The device combines a rising air separator and screening machine in a single, extremely compact housing. The sample cleaner is also suitable for de-awning the samples.

In this regard the cleaning process is executed with an extremely low noise level. After cleaning and sorting, the sample can be used for determining the remuneration basis for malting barley, cereals for consumption and fodder cereals. When using a larger infeed container, the sample cleaner can be used as a continuously working small cleaning machine, e.g seed cleaning for small trial plots.
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