Wear-resistant linings

  • Various materials in different thicknesses are available 
  • Often retroactive installation is possible
  • Replacement can be executed without extensive effort
Even materials as hard as steel are subject to wear under constant load. This cannot be prevented, however it can be circumvented. Instead of exposing the steel to direct contact with the conveyed product, an additional layer of material is mounted. The materials used are especially configured for wear-resistance. Thus the interval until maintenance is required can be significantly increased. If the wear-resistant liner has reached the end of its service life, the complete component need no longer be replaced, but rather only the wear-resistant liner must be replaced, naturally this saves money. Whether a complete lining or only the wear zones, which can be delimited, must be equipped with the supplemental layer depends on the component and its use.

Zuther uses a full range of extremely wear-resistant materials. It extends from high-tech polyethylene and polyurethane-based plastics to alloyed special steels, and armored steels. In this regard, selection of the materials used is highly dependent on the area of application. The additional costs for fitting with a wear-resistant liner are more than compensated through the extended service life and the reduced consequential costs.
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