Rectangular pipe system

The smart connection

  • Short delivery times
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Easy installation
  • Variable angle segments significantly facilitate installation
  • Optionally clad with additional wear-resistant lining
Even the most flexible round pipe system can reach its limits in extreme situations and under these conditions it may no longer be possible to install the system with a sufficient angle. In such situations a pipe system with a rectangular cross section can be the solution, to maintain functioning conveyor paths.

However, even as a regular system rectangular pipes offer advantages over round pipes. First and foremost is the better capacity utilization of the available space. A rectangular pipe offers over 27% more cross section area relative to a comparable round pipe.

The new rectangular pipe system from Zuther uses the advantages and combines them with clever detailed solutions, such as the standard corner joint on the ends of the pipe, which under favorable conditions makes use of separate segments superfluous. Where this is not possible, variable segments are used that can be adapted within an angle range directly at the construction site. Thus pipelines can be installed in a particularly time-saving manner.

Moreover, individual components, such as collision boxes or distributors are taken over directly from our round pipe product line and consequently are available at a particularly low cost.