Fill-level measurement

  • Can also be retrofitted
  • Robust, reliable technology 
  • Can be used virtually anywhere
Many procedures associated with the conveyance of bulk solids are impossible to execute manually. This includes practically all types of filling, whether from transport vehicles or silo cells. The primary cause is that the person has an inadequate view or no view at all of the loading areas or the storage facilities.
However, with the modern technical equipment of today's plants, such workflows have long been automated. This is enabled, not least by signaling devices that monitor the fill-level of storage or transport containers. It also is effective to equip neuralgic points in the system of the conveyor paths with these types of detectors so that agglomerations can be detected early on and the appropriate supply can be switched off.
The so-called rotating paddle sensors are the proven method for this. A cam switch is at the end of a rotating shaft. When the conveyed material reaches this cam switch, it prevents the cam switch from further rotating and the detector trips. Carefully considered placement of the detectors ensures that at the time of triggering, there is still enough space available to accommodate residual material from the upstream conveyors.
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