Contract manufacturing

Sheet metal processing is our strength!

  • Laser cutting (Trumpf TruLaser 5030)
  • Pipe plasma cutting system (Müller Opladen RB 600/6 CNC)
  • Plasma cutting (Kjellberg HiFocus 160i)
  • Robot welding (Cloos Romat 350)
  • Trimming technology
    • Folding machine (RAS Gigabend 76.30)
    • CNC folding presses (LVD Tool Cell and EHT)
  • Painting technology
  • Profile steel blanks (HBA400S)
Only those companies that continuously further-develop the production of their components can sustainably satisfy the quality requirements of their customers. But in order to do this, machinery is required that takes state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies into account. Acquisition of such machine tools can rarely be financed, particularly by smaller companies.

Zuther has a whole range of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and thus can offer a broad spectrum of sheet metal processing as a contract manufacturing service. This includes:

  • Laser cutting – Trumpf TruLaser 5030 fiber
  • Pipe plasma cutting system Müller Opladen RB 600/6 CNC
  • Plasma cutting – Kjellberg HiFocus 160i
  • Robot welding - Cloos Romat 350 with CSE laser measuring system
  • Trimming technology – RAS folding machine Gigabend 76.30
Other manufacturing possibilities:

  • CNC folding presses, painting technology with drying system, profile steel blanking and much more

This equipment and our outstandingly trained personnel ensure that every order is executed on time and with the utmost precision.
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