Refrigerating devices from FrigorTec

Marketed by Zuther

  • Capacity spectrum from 35 to 225 t/day
  • Actively maintains the quality of the grain
  • Chemical additives are unnecessary
Grain is one of our most important staple foods, it is the staff of life. It is cultivated and harvested with great care. Proper storage must be ensured to maintain quality and to avoid quantity losses.

Spoilage of freshly-harvested grain is caused by self-heating of the grain due to cellular respiration. Carbon dioxide, water, and heat are released through cellular respiration. Self-heating depends on grain moisture and grain temperature. The result is loss of dry matter, as well as development of microbes, mildew, and insect feeding, e.g. through the grain weevil.

These losses can be effectively prevented through cooling to under 13°C. Cooling preservation is the most natural method for limiting quality and quantity losses associated with grain storage. Chemical additives are not required. Moreover, cooling preservation offers additional business administration advantages that should be interesting for every storage facility.

The company, FrigorTec
FrigorTec GmbH, formerly Sulzer Escher Wyss GmbH, specializes in the area of cooling and refrigeration technology. In addition to refrigeration systems, cooling towers, and chiller units, cooling devices are built and marketed for special applications. The GRANIFRIGOR® was developed as a collaborative project of FrigorTec together with the Institute for Agricultural Technology (Institut für Landtechnik) in Bonn, Düsseldorf University, and the Federal Research Center for Grain (Bundesforschungsanstalt für Getreide) in Detmold. The GRANIFRIGOR© has been manufactured in series production and sold successfully around the world since 1968.
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