• Aspiration-capable telescopic loading pipe
  • Mature, robust constructions for many application areas 
  • BigBag loading device
  • Dump loading frame
Wherever bulk solids should be placed in storage, taken out of storage, or relocated, Zuther has the right solution on hand. This includes ship loading/unloading facilities where there is a particularly high savings potential, where significant time can be saved through high capacity. Or truck loading stations, where easy handling of a flexible system ensures that trucks can be loaded or unloaded in close to one-minute cycles.

For the task of removal from storage, Zuther offers a variety of different series of systems that are adapted for loading ships, trains, trucks. These can usually be pivoted and they are usually telescopic to ensure maximum adaptability and prevent dust emissions to the extent possible. For this reason many systems already come with the possibility of aspiration.

However, particularly in the grain area, it is not just the problem of conveying valuable products that must be solved, the waste must also be disposed of in a clean and proper manner. For this purpose as well, Zuther carries tested and uncomplicated systems in its product line that satisfy the most rigorous requirements.
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