Trough chain conveyors

The versatile powerhouse

  • Extremely robust, thus they are self-supporting over long distances
  • Capacities of up to 530 m³/h
  • Also suitable for sensitive products and foodstuffs
  • Particularly quiet, thanks to a factory-standard plastic floor
  • Completely dust-tight construction
  • Simultaneous transport also on the return plane is possible
  • Particularly cost-effective through the modular system
  • Available galvanized and in stainless steel
  • Very easy to assemble and maintain
Our high-performance TFX series trough chain conveyors are incredibly adaptable. Capacities of up to 530 m³/h can be realized with these conveyors. And even though they already come from the factory with an extensive range of standard equipment, their well-designed modular system offers unbeatable convenience.

The trough chain conveyor is at home everywhere, whether as a simple link conveyor, a silo feeder or a removal conveyor. It can be the solution for even the most difficult conveyance tasks, such as goose neck conveyors with integrated bend stations. Trough chain conveyors are even used in our high-performance intake pits for grain receiving systems.

The conveyor concept involving a drag chain is especially well-suited for sensitive materials because the product moves like a continuous strand in the conveyor. Thus the product remains intact. The integrated plastic floor makes it not only unusually quiet, it also significantly increases the service life. The completely bolted construction facilitates assembly, as well as maintenance.

With all of its equipment options and its high-quality robust design, we are capable of adapting our trough chain conveyors to virtually any situation in the customers' facilities and even exceed high expectations.

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