Chain scrapers (Skrappers)

  • Low-wear and low-maintenance 
  • Up to 300 t/h conveyor capacity
  • Up to 35 m in length
  • Variable height
  • 500 to 1200 mm wide
  • High profitability
When it comes to managing flat storage warehouses for free-flowing bulk solids, the Skrapper (or chain scraper) has established itself as a conveying element. The focus here is on being able to fill as well as empty the warehouse with the flexible Skrapper. This double use is not offered by any other flat warehouse technologies.

Its high level of flexibility is primarily due to the fact that the chain scraper can be used at various heights. When combined with a longitudinal movement device, it can reach every point in the flat warehouse. Moreover, the filling and emptying procedures can be automated with the appropriate intelligent control technology.

The Skrapper is a high-performance continuous conveyor that is ranked at the top in terms of energy-efficiency, and in addition also works with low wear and low maintenance. The many years of experience, in particular, through a continuous improvement process, have shaped the Skrapper into a solid, reliable indoor conveyor.
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