Belt and bucket elevators

The vertical conveyor for fine-grain and pulverized bulk materials

  •   Individually adaptable to customer requirements
  •   Virtually no limits to ejection height and handling capacity
  •   High-performance belt and bucket elevators temperature-resistant up to 180°C
  •   Resistant to oil and grease   
  •   Available ungalvanized, galvanized or in stainless steel, depending on the requirement
  •   Can also be used without problem in buildings
  •   As a double elevator different capacities and products can be conveyed in the individual shafts
  •   Configured for grain sizes to approx. 40 m
  •   Extremely robust construction
  •   Universal implementation, thanks to many available bucket shapes and materials
  •   Easy maintenance due to generously dimensioned accesses
  •   On request, designed in accordance with the Explosion Protection Directive ATEX 94/9/EC
Zuther has been manufacturing elevators for more than 80 years. To this date they have been delivered to every corner of the earth, where they reliably do their duty on daily basis, in some cases under the most difficult conditions. They show their versatility in implementations throughout the entire agriculture sector, in cement and asphalt mixing plants, as well as in the chemicals industry, to name just a few application areas.

Extensive experience has resulted in an extremely mature product that can be adapted to satisfy all conceivable requirements, thanks to the extensive range of optional equipment. However, many devices are already considered standard equipment, such as a backstop function, monitoring devices for rotational speed and belt tracking, dust-protected bearings, and many large-dimension maintenance openings in the head, base, and shaft area.

Our elevators cover a huge capacity spectrum in a temperature range of up to 180°C (our chain bucket elevators are suitable for higher temperatures). Their ejection heights can be tailored to customers’ wishes, and so can their geometry and the positioning of fasteners and maintenance platforms. There is also a wide choice of materials, such as those that are sure to be suitable for use with foodstuffs, to guarantee suitability for foodstuffs, for example, or to enable operation in earthquake-prone areas.

With this flexibility there is virtually no situation that our elevators cannot handle.