Biomass materials handling technology

Trough chain conveyance for fibrous biomass

  • Trough chain conveyors with bend station dispense with additional vertical conveyor
  • Conveyors effectively adapted to special requirements for conveyance of biomass
  • Practical wear-resistant protective equipment
Renewable raw materials are in high demand for biogas plants, ever since the legal conditions in this area have been improved. In addition to maize, which is traditionally processed in biogas systems, cereal grains, forage rye, and grass are also used. These co-ferments impose new requirements on the materials handling technology.

Zuther has responded to this development and has optimized its products for this area of implementation. The first trough chain conveyor systems with distribution points are already in use. The background here is the relatively low wear in the transport systems for long-fiber co-ferments, the significantly lower use of energy, and greater ease of maintenance than is offered by the traditionally used screw conveyors. Chain conveyors can be more easily adapted to the available system technology because angled conveyor paths can be implemented and thus construction of a pit for the feeding of an elevator becomes superfluous and fewer drives are required. At the same time a trough chain conveyor also satisfies the volume dosing requirement, combined with loosening of the biomass.

The experience that we have already acquired in this area, combined with the knowledge obtained through mineral conveyance has resulted in an adapted trough chain conveyor. Equipping the system with special wear-resistant components considerably extends the service file under the prevailing conditions, and these components can also be retrofitted.