•   Very cost-efficient
  •   Reliable
  •   Easy maintenance
  •   Can be combined to form airlock arrays
Airlocks are used wherever conveyed material should be transported through hermetically sealed areas with high pressure differentials. To ensure operability of the moving parts, a high degree of stability is demanded of the airlock.

The airlocks from Zuther are primarily used as dust discharge airlocks on filter outflows and separator outflows, and withstand a vacuum pressure of max. 5000 Pa. Their solid sheet steel construction, together with the high-quality drive ensure high operational performance. The transmission of force, as well as the airlock mechanisms have been designed for optimal efficiency. The 6-unit airlock star is equipped with rubber rotor blades that can be replaced in no time at all.

To achieve a higher throughput, multiple airlocks can be combined to form an airlock array. An array of airlocks only requires one drive for all modules. All airlocks are also available in variants that comply with the ATEX Directives.
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