Point filters

Optimally distributed

  • Aspirator capacity adapted to the conveyor
  • Cost-intensive aspiration lines are unnecessary
  • The weight of the conveyed goods is not reduced
There are situations where centralized dedusting can no longer be economically implemented. In modern large plants, in particular, under some circumstances, too many aspiration pipelines would have to be installed for this purpose, which automatically results in the problem of pressure drop in the aspiration system. Also it is not always intended that the suctioned dust will be collected and disposed of centrally. Often it is better for the dust to remain in the bulk solids.

In this case it is more effective to use point filters directly on the conveyors. They filter dust-burdened air out of the conveyors and return the dust cake that accumulates through automatic dedusting back into the conveyors. Thus weight loss of the bulk solids does not occur due to aspiration.

Zuther supplies point filters for a variety of implementation sites. Horizontal trough chain conveyors, as well as vertical elevators can be equipped with point filters. Each point filter, after being supplied with power, works fully autonomously.
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