Filter system

The clean solution

  • Nozzle filters with automatic compressed air dedusting
  • Automatic, programmable controller
  • Dust emissions in accordance with the 4th German Federal Immissions Control Act
  • Cost-effective pipelines
The legal regulations for handling dust-burdened air are becoming ever stricter. Consequently, the question of the right filter system becomes increasingly important.

Modern grain processing plants, even of larger capacity, are usually planned in such a manner that the majority of the materials handling technology is concentrated in one place. This circumstance can be of use for dust disposal. In this scenario the conveyors are not dedusted by multiple point filters. Instead a large filter system is installed that suctions the dust-burdened air out of the conveyors via a network of aspirators, and separates it. The separated dust can then either be returned to the bulk material or disposed of as part of a chaff load.

Because the aspiration air causes virtually no wear, the pipeline can be made of a extremely thin-walled material, which under normal circumstances keeps the costs of the pipeline extremely low. Thus a central dedusting function can become a more cost-effective alternative even for a comparatively small plant.

The filter surface area of the nozzle filter can be adapted to the requirements of every system.
Because it is configured for continuous operation, automatic self-cleaning of the filter hoses occurs in parallel with filter operation. In this process a section of the filter hoses is blown out with compressed air, while the rest of the filter continues working. The cleanliness values of the exhaust air that are achieved are well below the legally permissible limit values.
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