Accessories – materials preparation technology

  • Competent advice for selecting the suitable machines
  • Machines available for many different application areas
  • Outstanding quality and performance
  • Efficient measures for safeguarding against ergot contamination
  • Separation via different properties is possible (shape, color, weight, etc.)       
In addition to the OPTIMA and VORTEX series machines, Zuther offers additional devices as accessories for preparation of bulk solids. What they all have in common is the outstanding quality and performance in their area of application.

The product range includes cleaning and sorting machines for more specialized tasks. These devices are excellently suited for handling the ergot problem. Particularly for this reason, Zuther executed several series of practical tests to determine the optimal combination of cleaning processes for removal of ergot from the bulk material.

Where investment volumes and the demands placed on the ton capacity are not particularly high, we recommend a sorting table of the CS series. If a pre-cleaning process has sifted the outsizes beforehand, outstanding results can be achieved with this system. Sorting tables to a capacity of 10 t/h are available.

However the most modern and highest performance alternative is a color sorter. It detects ergot, miscellaneous impurities or other contaminants based on the color and removes them from the product flow via compressed air. Thus according to the current state of the technology throughputs of up to 32 t/h can be achieved.

Moreover, our trieurs TR-930 and -940 are also available. They cover a capacity range of up to 17 t/h. However, thanks to their modular system, it is possible to set up multiple trieurs as systems with several times this capacity. Existing plants can also be easily expanded through installation of additional module trieures.

Where product and stock are virtually identical in size and shape, gravity separators are an additional sorting tool. Via the specific weight of the materials, an extremely precise separating precision is achieved. Thus contamination, e.g. through rocks, can be reliably eliminated. Up to 20 t an hour of heavy grain can be cleaned with gravity separators from Zuther.

The offering of a wide variety of cleaners and sorting machines is almost overwhelming. This is why you will profit from Zuther's decades of experience. We find the suitable combination for each individual task, to achieve the optimal cleaning result for your product.
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