Grain cleaning machine "Optima"

Universal grain cleaning machiner for multi-grade operation without screen change

  • Depending on the product up to 160 t/h capacity
  • Unique, automatic regulation of fluctuations in the inflow volume
  • Multi-grade operation without screen change is possible through   3-stage sorting concept
  • Screen change with minimal expenditure of time and effort
  • Use of screen mesh with up to 40% more passage than is possible with comparable perforated plates
  • With pneumatic "Screen bypass flap" for operation only with scalping screens
  • Advanced wear protection on the screen frame for outstanding durability
  • Automatic self-cleaning of the screens
  • Modular design optimized for easy maintenance
  • Low weight and extremely quiet in operation
The completely re-engineered generation of our highly efficient grain cleaning machine OPTIMA is now available. Decades of practical experience combined with close cooperation with our customers have enabled us to reach a whole new level of performance capability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance with the grain cleaning machine OPTIMA.

The grain cleaning machine OPTIMA is used for pre-cleaning and main cleaning of virtually all cereals. Also treatment of "problem crops" like maize, peas, sunflower seeds, beans, etc. is no problem for the machine; likewise out-sorting of foreign objects prior to loading is no problem.

In this regard, the grain cleaning machine OPTIMA is also equipped for the harshest work conditions. At non-uniform intake, it automatically regulates the capacity in the air separating chamber. Internally, distribution fixtures ensure optimal capacity utilization of the entire machine width. For wet goods and oleaginous fruit, the screen bypass enables tasks with only the scalping screens, and thus prevents adhesion on the screen frame. Spherical rubber elements keep the screen pores open at all times, and thus ensure passage. In addition, a progressive stainless steel wear-resistant lining results in a significantly extended service life.

These and many other detail improvements make the grain cleaning machine OPTIMA optimally suited for the requirements of the customers.