Malthouse technology

  •     Operation with wet goods is no problem
  •     Product is handled gently
  •     Extensive equipment for semi-automatic cleaning
Production of brewing malts requires special characteristics from the participating materials handling technology. The softened and germinated barley is comparatively sensitive and must be handled as gently as possible. The materials handling technology must also be able to handle the high water content of the green malt. In addition, fibrous deposits unavoidably occur and they must be removed in a manner that saves as much time as possible.

Zuther has a wealth of experience with the bulk materials barley, green malt, and kilned malt, and over time has been able to develop adapted conveyor systems to meet the special requirements. Conveyance of wet crops is one of the specialty areas of the Zuther materials handling technology. Thus it can be ensured that even the high quality standards of malthouses and breweries are satisfied with the aid of the Zuther products.
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