Grain drying systems

  • Highly efficient dryer technology, including energy-saving measures, such as heat recovery
  • Perfectly adapted to the requirements, in capacity, as well as design
  • Choose from several heating concepts
  • Long system service life thanks to high-quality materials
When storing grain it is strictly required that the moisture content must be under 14%, otherwise fungal infestation can occur. However, if there is rainy weather during the harvest period, the grain coming from the field quickly has a significantly higher value. Without appropriate measures, placing this grain in storage would result in total loss of the goods within a short time.

Drying of grain is a time-intensive process; the prerequisite is a certain degree of patience. Through large volumes of heated air, drying systems reduce the moisture content of grain, however particularly when a lot of moisture must be removed, multiple runs through the dryer are necessary in order to ultimately reach the safe value range. To ensure that there is no damage, in addition, the grain needs a rest period between run-throughs.

Thus, a system for drying grain should offer enough capacity right from the start, so that it does not become a bottleneck. With technical knowledge gained over many decades, Zuther can be a helpful parter at your side in the planning of your drying system. Thus your investment safely results in a higher quality of your products.

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