Biomass plants

  • High performance of 500 kW and more
  • Extremely durable
  • Very maintenance friendly
  • Easy integration into existing facilities
  • Additional support by application of wear-resistant lining
With 6 recently erected biogas plants (capacity range 220 – 500 kW) trough chain conveyors with distributors were installed for the first time. Reason for this decision is the lower wear in the transport systems when handling long fibre co-ferments , compared to the traditionally used auger feed screws. Further advantages are the considerably lower energy consumption, as well as the simplified maintenance and serviceability.

Chain conveyors can easier be adapted to existing facilities as they allow angled lines (installation without pit, less drives). In addition to this, a chain conveyor fulfills the requirement of volume dosing, at the same time loosening the biomass structure.

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