The new Zuther distributor

der neue Zuther-Klappkasten

The new generation of the proven Zuther distributor system offers several important improvements. For the first time, the signal for determining the position of the flap is sampled where it makes the most sense: On the flap! The days when broken flap shafts or similar items resulted in incorrect signals are gone forever.

The new, huge maintenance openings not only facilitate inspection of the interior mechanical components, they also make replacement of the flap as easy as child's play. Our efficient wear-resistant lining has always been a favorite option of our customers. With the new generation it is even easier to replace or retrofit the lining.

Naturally, easy retooling was also one of the development objectives. Consequently the geometry of the connections has remained perfectly intact. Thus there is nothing standing in the way of replacing the old with the new, because the new distributor generation uses the same molded parts for the transition, that its predecessor used. Free selection of different molded parts has been maintained.

As before, Zuther offers the three drive types, electrical, pneumatic, and manual for all distributors. In addition to the hot-dipped galvanized variants, stainless steel distributors are also available.