Zuther – nearly 100 years of bulk solids technology


... ZUTHER is a specialist in the area of bulk solids handling.
Thanks to a highly qualified team of employees, modern production, and the sum total of our experience gained nearly 100 years, today we deliver turnkey silo and transshipment systems for various bulk solids. Zuther engineering proves its worth every day around the world under the most difficult operating conditions.

70s and 80s

In the 70s and 80s, production was modernized by using new machines and expanding the production space, and the product range grew to include special machines and bulk solids handling for other products. Engineering was also further developed to the point that this expertise enabled us to supply turnkey silo and transshipment systems for a variety of bulk materials.
In 1988 the sons of Mr. Horst Zuther, Michael and Andreas Zuther, started working for the company. This ensured continuation of the family enterprise and production capacity was again expanded by building another production hall with the most modern production technology, and by equipping the administrative offices with electronic data processing and computer-aided drafting technology, and by using CNC-controlled machines; thus it was possible to further optimize the technical know-how, reliability, quality and price-performance ratio, and consistently extend the firm's competitive edge.


In the 60s, Zuther was able to expand its sales market through a good product range, technical expertise and reliability, and to make a good name for itself, so much so that the company was able to build an additional production hall in the mid-60s, and thus Zuther was able to employ approximately 50 people.


Because more and more small and medium-sized mills were being shut down in the 50s, it was necessary to develop a different sales market, and the decision was made for the area of grain storage and silo facilities.
High-performance materials handling technology and grain cleaning machines were developed for this area, as was the dedusting technology for the grain silo facilities. As a result of the new technology and increasing sales, it became necessary to extend the metal processing capacity; the sawmill was shutdown and instead a new building for metal processing was erected.


in 1949 the enterprise then relocated to Neu Tramm in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district with a few employees and families and erected a hall for manufacturing and administration.
With the new facilities, set up for woodworking and metal processing, as well as a roller grinding and fluting machine for refurbishing roller mills, the company was now in a position to significantly extend the product range for milling machines. At that time, Mr. Horst Zuther, son of Carl, joined the company.

End of the war

After the end of the war Karl Zuther, from Flensburg-Mürwik, together with his sons Alfred and Hans Zuther and a box of organized tools started to perform repairs in small mills.
The business developed slowly; facilities were rented, machines were procured, and with an increasing number of employees, milling machines, such as semolina cleaning machines, steam cleaning machines, separators, and flour mixing machines were produced.
The enterprise grew, larger facilities and a better company location were sought.

The beginnings

on 10 October 1921 the company, Karl Zuther, Mühlen- und Speicherbau, was founded by miller and master millwright Karl Zuther in Meseritz, Germany.
The enterprise, with its own workshop operation and approximately 10-15 employees specialized in modernizing and erecting small and medium-sized mills.



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